Episode 20 – The Comedian

This week we take time out to talk about a great character who appears almost entirely in flashbacks. We start out talking about our experiences reading Watchmen, and its controversial author Alan Moore. Burrowing down into the Comedian, we talk about the role of superheroes in other famous graphic novels and how they relate to human society, and how Alan Moore uses this as a basis for Watchmen . As we discuss this dynamic looking at the other heroes, Doug expresses his love of Malin Ackerman and we somehow managed to bring it back to the Comedian through the relationship with his daughter, and we dive deeply into his character and his driving force for the story despite not playing an active role in the story. This focus is short-lived as Brad digresses to talk about his mocking of the mummy of Ramses II (in Greek, Ozymandias) but we bring it back to the ultimate futility of narcissism which the Comedian so readily understands and is made apparent throughout the work. We finally wrap it up by discussing the finale of  the story and the Comedian’s role in it.


Download Episode 20 – The Comedian

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