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The Charlton Heston impression Brad refers to in the Comedian episode is the opening line of this YouTube clip. Moses (Charlton Heston) is confronting Pharaoh Ramses II / Ozymandias (Yul Brynner) and is about to show the power of God for the first time to the gathered Egyptians.


For those of you not versed in film epics from 1956

Episode 19 – Tony Stark

This week we delve into Tony Stark, specifically the Ironman films and The Avengers. We go through his motivations, his style, and his personal philosophy. We also discuss how Tony Stark sees the role of Ironman in the world and how this compares to other heroes. Over the course of the episode, we make direct comparisons to Howard Roark, Captain Kirk, Lando, Kid Anakin, Thor and Batman. Eventually this all leads to a discussion of our differing thoughts on The Avengers film. Lots of spoilers from the movie are included.


Download Episode 19 – Tony Stark

Breakfast with Brad and Doug – 5/10/2012

As Brad enjoys his post-getting a Master’s bliss, he managed to get up at 9:30 to join Doug for some podcasting. After some nasal-voiced introductions, Brad recounts a prank he and some friends pulled the last night. This somehow leads to a discussion of Snakes on a Plane. After that, Brad and Doug talk about why bad movies do so well overseas markets. Doug brings up a fun and interesting conversation from this week’s Game of Thrones (there’s not any spoilers in here besides that three particular characters are in a room together, and the interactions with two of them). Then we jump into talking about Tony Stark in the main podcast.


Download – Breakfast with Brad and Doug

Pregaming 5/2/2012

As we get ready to chat about Darth Revan (well we decide to talk about him near the end), we have a few quick discussions. First, we discuss Brad’s wrapping of of grad school and how Doug has finished Clash of Kings so we had some fun dissecting that. We touch on the general awesomeness of Iain Glen and his new fancy blue scarf. This leads to a discussion comparing Shakespeare’s Histories(8 plays total) to The Song of Ice and Fire series. We talk about our pending Avenger’s nerdgasm, and Brad’s new Netflix obsession, Burn Notice. This leads to Doug bringing up the Worf Effect he loves so much, and eventually we wind up discussing the ad’s in the New York Subway.


Download Pregaming 5/2/2012

Pregaming 4/17/2012

We’re going to try out recording some of our planning sessions for our podcast’s and see how it goes. There’s a bit more in the crude humor/inside jokes/personal stories/MEGA SPOILERS categories, this week is a pretty epic Game of Thrones chat for the most part.

Downloading Pregaming 4/17/2012

Episode 12: James Tiberius Kirk

This week we cover Star Trek legend Captain Kirk. Covering the original series and the first six Trek films, we break down this titan of the cultural consciousness. We go pretty deep on this one, and uncover some interesting facets that we had never thought of before.


Download Episode 12 – James Tiberius Kirk

Episode 10: Lazarus Long

This week we chat about the focus of one of our all time favorite books, Lazarus Long. The man who loves living so much he doesn’t die if the focus of this epic episode. This one was so much fun to do, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we loved doing it.


The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

Download Episode 10 – Lazarus Long

Episode 7: Sterling Archer

In our latest episode, we talk about the great Sterling Archer from the animated TV comedy Archer. If you’ve never seen it, be sure to check it out on Netflix. We explore this great comedic lead and his seeming awareness that he’s the punchline of the joke and his complete unadulterated hedonism.

Download Episode 7: Sterling Archer

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Episode 3: Beanstalking Part 2, Boromir

In our third episode, we break down Boromir from Lord of the Rings. We cover his background and unique perspective, and try to figure out how this all contributes to one of the more interesting characters from the classic trilogy

Download Episode 3: Beanstalking Part 2, Boromir

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