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Epsiode 22- Storytelling

Brad and Doug are back, talking about something Doug is passionate about, storytelling. We start off, with an old favorite, the hero cycle, and how it connects to perennial favorites, A Song of Ice and FireStar Wars, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. We discuss some of the hate towards Ayn Rand and Nirvana, before Brad launches in on his love of short stories, and his lack of time for Thomas Pynchon. Some examples of authors who do a great job at brevity are Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain, George RR Martin (Dunk and Egg) and Robert Heinlein. There’s a brief discussion of Robert Heinlein and how he’s in the Tyson Zone (credit Bill Simmons) for crazy sexual situations. No discussion of bad storytelling would be complete without working our way into a segue about The Room, which leads into the entirely predictable extended discussion of The Phantom Menace and its failings. Doug can’t resist bringing up his hero, Nicolas Cage. After managing to freakishly combine the first two conversation, Doug brings up his frustration with teen-dystopia movies before Brad starts reading random things off of imdb. Eventually we bring it back to Doug’s passion for storytelling, where he talks about his love for Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice. Brad mentions his passion of District 9 as one of the best recent examples of what science fiction is all about.

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Episode 18 – Darth Revan

Doug and I reminisce and discuss about the protagonist of the first “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” video game, and epic Bioware (of Mass Effect fame) RPG which was released in 2003. Hundreds of hours of enjoyment later, this is one of our all time favorite games, and the discussion of the player character makes for a very interesting podcast because it has to do with a character who presents the player with an interesting philosophical question of nature versus nuture and leaves it to the player to decide the result.

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Episode 11: Lando Calrissian

This time we cover a true rebel hero. We struggle to try to keep a straight face dealing with such a cool and amazing character. Somehow we managed to find two points of comparison between Lando and Hank Rearden of Atlas Shrugged. Below is a picture of what might happen if Lando didn’t get to fly the Falcon in the Battle of Endor, as well as a link to the starwars.com encyclopedia page for Lando, which is high comedy. His species: “A particularly good-looking human”, his weapon: “Blaster pistol, devastating smile”. Enjoy

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"We'll last longer than we will against that Death Star, and we might just take a few of them with us!"

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